Aroom of one's own essays

Enthusiastic young Geoff has left university, found his first job and made a home with his girlfriend. But he has an intense desire to be in porn. It’s an itch he has to scratch. So he sneaks off to The Casting Room for his very first porn audition!

It’s sexy seeing this eager hetero expose his body, present his cock and ass, then jerk off on command when all the while his little lady is waiting at home none the wiser! Having his naked body thoroughly inspected by a man wasn’t his dream, but he’s willing to do it to get his shot at being in a real porn video.

In this way, this speech connects many of the play’s main themes, including the idea of suicide and death, the difficulty of knowing the truth in a spiritually ambiguous universe, and the connection between thought and action. In addition to its crucial thematic content, this speech is important for what it reveals about the quality of Hamlet’s mind. His deeply passionate nature is complemented by a relentlessly logical intellect, which works furiously to find a solution to his misery. He has turned to religion and found it inadequate to help him either kill himself or resolve to kill Claudius. Here, he turns to a logical philosophical inquiry and finds it equally frustrating.

Mike, one of our  new students, has had problems in the past with being assaulted by young thugs in his neighborhood. When he came into class one day, he told us he had been attacked again. This time it was different though. After a couple of classes with us, in Wing Chun at the Memphis Branch of The Wing Chun Boxing Academy, he was able to defend himself against the larger thug. Mike said that he couldn’t believe how well this worked after only a couple classes. He said he saw the attack coming and just did what he was taught in class and the police couldn’t believe how he, a smaller man, aged 61, could have defeated an attacker much larger than himself, 6 foot 2 inches and much younger. Mike had to go to court because the thug tried to press charges because he was so devastated and his ego so deflated by Mike’s counterattack. The judge through it out because he looked at Mike and the attacker  and asked “Let me get this straight, you attacked this older gentleman and he defended himself and now you want to press charges? GET OUT of my courtroom! Next time, you will think twice before you try to take advantage of old man.” – Joe Caviness

Aroom of one's own essays

a room of one's own essays


a room of one's own essaysa room of one's own essaysa room of one's own essaysa room of one's own essays