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John Hancock, Patriot – John Hancock’s large contributions to the Revolutionary cause; his skillful guidance of discordant statesmen into agreement in a critical time; his efficient service in retaining the French good-will when its threatened loss would have entailed eventual defeat at Yorktown; his influence in securing the ratification of the Constitution by Massachusetts, and in consequence by a majority of the States, —all these services and responsibilities together made him a man to be reckoned with in a troubled period.

Work, Lyddie! Work! – Are you thinking that school is boring and that it would be more fun to be out working? This is a chance for you to find out what it was like to have to work instead of having the chance to go to school. Analyze primary source documents about early factory labor (mill workers during 1840-1860) showing their hours of labor, ages of laborers, reasons for working, and working conditions. Then read a historical novel about the time Lyddie by Katherine Paterson and research modern day youth labor issues to see if the things faced by Lyddie are really so different today in places where young people do not have the opportunity to go to school. To share what you learned with others, you will write a poem or labor song.

Carta essay magna papers

carta essay magna papers


carta essay magna paperscarta essay magna paperscarta essay magna paperscarta essay magna papers