Cola versus pepsi essays

Reminiscent of the way that Coca-Cola became a cultural icon and its global spread spawned words like " coca colonization ", Pepsi-Cola and its relation to the Soviet system turned it into an icon. In the early 1990s, the term "Pepsi-stroika" began appearing as a pun on " perestroika ", the reform policy of the Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev . Critics viewed the policy as an attempt to usher in Western products in deals there with the old elites. Pepsi, as one of the first American products in the Soviet Union, became a symbol of that relationship and the Soviet policy. [46] This was reflected in Russian author Victor Pelevin's book " Generation P ".

As organic food has gotten more popular, an increasing number of large corporations have gotten into the business of selling food produced without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The involvement of major multinational corporations in the market has raised concerns about whether the original principles of the organic farming movement are being watered down.
In its most narrow definition, "organic" involves growing food without synthetic chemicals. However, the original organic movement promoted a far more robust vision of “sustainable farming.”
The pioneers of organic agriculture believed in challenging industrial agriculture’s vast fields of uniform crops, its exploitation of farmworkers, and its love of heavily processed food. In his 2006 book The Omnivore’s Dilemma , author Michael Pollan writes, "Acting on the ecological premise that everything's connected to everything else, the early organic movement sought to establish not just an alternative mode of production (the chemical-free farms), but an alternative system of distribution (the anti-capitalist food co-ops), and even an alternative mode of consumption (the 'countercuisine')."
With the rise of organic food as a big-business market, this more radical vision of organic food is becoming harder to find. As New York Times correspondent Stephanie Strom writes in a July 7, 2012 article:

Cola versus pepsi essays

cola versus pepsi essays


cola versus pepsi essayscola versus pepsi essayscola versus pepsi essays