Ecosystem essay introduction

The endangerment of grassland habitat in Canada has cascaded into the endangerment of many grassland species. More than 60 Canadian species at risk depend on this habitat, including species that symbolize our grasslands, such as plains bison, swift fox and greater sage grouse. Just this year, a report on the State of North America’s Birds concluded that many grassland birds are rapidly declining, and some species have lost over 70 per cent of their population in the last 40 years. The songs of birds such as Baird’s sparrow, Sprague’s pipit and chestnut-collared longspur are slowly dimming on our prairies.

These are mainly trees show much species of diversity and greater degree of stratification especially in tropical moist deciduous forests. The trees are of different kinds. Such differences are dependent on the formation and development in the climate. In addition to trees, shrubs and ground vegetation are also present. The dominant members of the flora in the forests are such trees as Tectona grandis, Butea frondosa, In template coniferous forests the dominant trees are species of Thyia, Picea etc. Whereas in temperate coniferous forests are trees of different species such as Picca, Juniferous etc.

Ecosystem essay introduction

ecosystem essay introduction


ecosystem essay introductionecosystem essay introductionecosystem essay introductionecosystem essay introduction