Essay 1119 english

Al-Qifti (ca. 1172–1248) appears to confirm this view of Omar's philsophy. In his work The History of Learned Men he reports that Omar's poems were only outwardly in the Sufi style, but were written with an anti-religious agenda. [50] Mohammad Ali Foroughi concluded that Khayyam's ideas may have been consistent with that of Sufis at times but there is no evidence that he was formally a Sufi. Aminrazavi (2007) states that "Sufi interpretation of Khayyam is possible only by reading into his Rubaiyat extensively and by stretching the content to fit the classical Sufi doctrine". [9] In this tradition, Omar's poetry has been cited in the context of New Atheism , . in The Portable Atheist by Christopher Hitchens . [51]

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Essay 1119 english

essay 1119 english


essay 1119 englishessay 1119 englishessay 1119 englishessay 1119 english