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Small though they may be, emojis resonate with populist power: Over 300 million images are shared daily by Facebook users; 45 million are posted through Instagram (Rock). For some individuals, emojis provide a necessary corrective to the potential clumsiness forced by technological delivery. Japanese author Motoko Tamamuro explains that the Japanese "tend to imply things instead of explicitly expressing them, so reading the situation and sensing the mood are very important. We take extra care to consider other people's feelings when writing correspondence, and that's why emoji became so useful in email and text – to introduce more feeling into a brevitised form of communication" (qtd. in Marsden). Tamamuro's concerns are similar to those early English-language adopters of emoticons—wary of language's missteps and interested in closing as many gaps between intended and received communication.

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Rhea was a princess and a mortal woman who was married to Mars, the Roman god of war.  Rhea and Mars had twin sons and named them Romulus and Remus.  Some of the other gods were jealous of Mars and Rhea, and plotted to kill Romulus and Remus.  Rhea heard about the plot.  Since Mars was away she needed to protect the boys.  She put them in a basket and set it floating down the river hoping that they would be found.  They were found by a female wolf who decided to raise them as her own cubs.  After the boys had grown some the wolf knew she couldn't keep them so she put them where a shepherd would find them.  The shepherd and his wife continued to raise Romulus and Remus.

Essays for dummies

essays for dummies


essays for dummiesessays for dummiesessays for dummiesessays for dummies