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Once Shapiro received all of the happy news, he went about the process of trying to choose a school. A major factor in his choice: finances. Shapiro’s motivation for applying to so many colleges was to get the chance to review a variety of financial aid packages. “Part of my decision was comparing some of the different offers that the schools were able to provide my family with,” he said. Shapiro also visited three of the campuses where he got accepted — an experience he found so valuable that he always advises prospective colleges to do it if they can.

The Lying Game  by Ruth Ware (July 25)
Last July, the prolific British crime novelist had two thrillers on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time:  The Woman in Cabin 10 and In a Dark, Dark Wood (Reese Witherspoon bought the rights to the latter). This July, she’s back with the tightly knotted plot of four friends, Kate, Isa, Thea and Fatima, who discover in adulthood that a dark childhood game they used to play had dire consequences. Now they must solve the 17-year-old mystery of their missing art teacher who is also Kate’s father. — .

Nutting essays

nutting essays


nutting essaysnutting essaysnutting essaysnutting essays