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Dr. Adel Tahseen Aref was graduated from Ain Shams Medical School, Cairo, Egypt, with grade excellent with honour in 2003. He had one year as intern at Ain Shams University hospitals. In 2005, he started his residency training at the Clinical Oncology Department, Ain Shams University hospitals. He got his master degree in Clinical Oncology in 2008. He worked as Medical Oncology specialist for one year in Cairo and he worked as medical oncology specialist for 5 years at Dubai Hospital. In 2010 he got his Medical Oncology certification from the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). In 2013, he got Medical Oncology Speciality certification from the Royal College of Physician, UK. In 2015, he moved to Kingdom of Bahrain where he worked as senior medical oncology specialist for one year.

John R. Bentley <jbentley1[at]>
Associate Professor of Japanese, Northern Illinois University
. from University of Hawaii
Research interests: historical linguistics; Asuka-Nara era linguistics, literature, history; kokugaku (Kamo no Mabuchi, Motoori Norinaga). I am currently trying to finish a translation of Nihon shoki that has taken me almost ten years.
The Authenticity of Sendai Kuji Hongi : A New Examination of Texts, With a Translation And Commentary (Brill's Japanese Studies Library, 2006). // Historiographical Trends in Early Japan (Lewiston, .: Edwin Mellen Press,  2002); A Descriptive Grammar of Early Old Japanese Prose (Brill's Japanese Studies Library, 2001); "A New Look at Paekche and Korean: Data from Nihon shoki ." Language Research (); " Toru in Old Japanese." Journal of East Asian Linguistics (); "The Origin of Man:yoogana." BSOAS (vol. 64, pt 1, pp. 59-73).

Phd dissertation daniela baroffio usc

phd dissertation daniela baroffio usc


phd dissertation daniela baroffio uscphd dissertation daniela baroffio uscphd dissertation daniela baroffio uscphd dissertation daniela baroffio usc