Racisim essay

I witnessed racism when I was a uni student.

We went to DCs nightclub in perth. Me and my best friend, his girlfriend is from chile and her friend was Croatian.

The bouncer was some ethnic greek or Italian and I kid you not, the guy said to the girls, "go back to your own country"

As a white Australian who comes an original pioneering family, I can tell you, it cracked me up listening to one guy who hasn't even lost his accent yet, telling another migrant to go home. Did the guy even see it, probably not. If someone had pulled him up for it, he might've said "oh it was a joke".

Theres a difference between genuine jokes that are funny and targeted at no one in particular and saying it was a joke to try and get out of what was initially intended as serious abuse.

Same as if I was in communist china, I bet you someone somewhere would call me a gwailo. Or if I was in Saudi Arabia walking about outside a tourist compound, how long would it be before I got bashed to death because Im a blonde haired blue eyed christian?

Its a two way street, I support protection of peoples rights in Australia, but theres a lot of racism in this world, and there are prolly quite a few racist immigrants here too.

Its good to have perspective. I think immigrants need to remember that when they walk down the street in traditional clothing or talk to eachother in foreign languages at twice the volume that people normally speak English. Think twice before you go around making a big deal about how youre different because sooner or later someone (including ethnics or migrants) could have a go at you for it.

Racisim essay

racisim essay


racisim essayracisim essayracisim essayracisim essay