Theme essay the kite runner

(The basic part pf the introduction is the thesis statement. The strength of the thesis statement depends on how well it reveals the topic and its classification. It is to justify the specific categories chosen for this classification).
The thesis statement has a very determined logical structure: theme ® its classification ® chosen categories (the number of categories is suggested to be limited to three in order not to blur the classification).
For instance: Exchange students can face three benefits: education, experience and cultural exchange.

One additional divide hinted at in this section is that between Islamic fundamentalists, such as Amir’s teacher, Mullah Fatiullah Khan, and more liberal Afghans like Baba. Baba’s words in Chapter 3 foreshadow the eventual takeover of Afghanistan by the radical Islamic fundamentalists called the Taliban. “God help us all if Afghanistan ever falls into their hands,” he says, after calling Mullah Fatiullah Khan and those like him “self-righteous monkeys” (p. 17). It will be decades before this happens in the novel, but the political events leading up to the rise of the Taliban, beginning in the 1970s and continuing through 2001, will play a major role throughout the book.

Theme essay the kite runner

theme essay the kite runner


theme essay the kite runnertheme essay the kite runnertheme essay the kite runnertheme essay the kite runner